Friday, December 3, 2010

Antwerp (Belgium) & Brussels

Antwerp,a town with interesting stories. Our tour guide, nick told us about the town story, involving a legend mythical giant who live near the river, he will request pay from those whom crossing the river, for those who refuse, he will severed one of their hands and threw them in the river.One young hero named Brabo, who cut off the giant's hand and flung it into the river.

 For celebrating, they build the statue in front of the town hall to honor the hero.

Not much a sunny day in town, picture were in the sense of gloomy.

 Antwerp town hall.

In every city, you will definitely saw peoples impersonated as statue. Throw in some coins and watch their reaction. It was so funny, my bf have to snap a photo of it.

Wandering around the streets, O! a wishing well?!


Everyone knows Belgium famous for Chocolates, *marching in the Chocolates Boutique*

 Fat pony? or Horse?? classy rides anyone?!

Melted in my mouth, you have to try it yourself if you are a chocolate lover, you will gone nuts about it.
Could you guess what is this??

 It is a huge monument building in Brussels! The Atomium. It design is based on atomic structure(so obvious), the building is 50 years old and still looking sparkling. The Atomium is one of Brussels main attraction.

Me & Nelson. We have to stand a far distance from the building for taking a full photo of the building

Taken photo of the Mannikin Pis is a must while visiting Brussels.

 The Mannikin Pis statue have more costume than me, currently he is wearing a tux.

 You won't miss out the GODIVA chocolate shop is just opposite the Mannikin Pis. The Godiva chocolate is much more cheaper compare to Malaysia, so pleasure yourself with this yummy chocolate in your mouth.

Chocolate statue of the Mannikin Pis in one of the chocolate shop, the whole town is full with chocolate shop and souvenir shop. The town is absolutely full with tourists all around the world.You need to beware of the your valuable pick pockets might have an eyes on you.

 The city centre Grand Place was having a musical festival, from classical to hard rock music.

Scottish man are sexy!
We did not explore the whole town, just visit the main attraction around the town. I didn't purchase any chocolate in Brussels, just bought a Mannikin Pis fridge magnet and a key chain like any typical tourist will buy *lol* stop will be Luxembourg & Heidelburg.

Thursday, December 2, 2010


 This is the first windmill I saw once I arrived Netherlands. Snap! The scenery is just like your desktop wallpaper, you got to see it yourself.

 What not to miss out in Netherlands is visit the Wooden Clog factory.

  Hilarious staff will explain how the famous Wooden Clog been made.
 You could request custom made design clog but it will be costly.
Teddy in the Clog!

Cheese! Anyone?

The Wooden Clogs factory was combine with a cheese farm?! Various flavors of cheeses, they all taste good! (Lighting is bad inside the factory)

Done with the factory and a water tour on a glass boat. Me & Nelson.

This is how the glass boat looks like. Everyone rush in the glass boat so I got no chances to take a photo of our glass boat, well I saw the exact same at the opposite river. Snap!

 Just enjoying the view.

Buildings/Apartment in the Amsterdam.

You will totally get a summon ticket if you park here..

 On day 2, we visited the Kinderdijk Windmills field, and is rainning! What a wet & cold way to welcome us..

 The rain does not stop us for snapping photos, just need to keep rubbing the lens getting clear off the rain drops..

Sacrificed for good photo, let it rains on us..

Rain stopped when we stepping in the tour bus, gloomy day result with gloomy photos.