Sunday, September 5, 2010

Beauty Haul of the day!

Was really bored today, everyone was busy doing their revision for exam so I went out shopping alone. Here are my haul-->

   QVS Duo Foundation & Concealer Brush
17 Shine Control Loose Powder
17 Metallic Eye Pencil in Purple
MUA Eyeshadow in Shade-4 Pearl
NYC City Mono Eyeshadow in Silver White
Sleek Eyeliner Gel Ink Pot

I finally found the QVS Duo brush at Superdrug store, is a 2 in 1 brush for applying your foundation and concealer, I hearted this brush alot! 
The MUA( Makeup Academy) cosmetic range is all in 1 pound at Superdrug! The eyeshadow color is matte although is cheap, not much choices left for me to choose on the colors so I just grab a Pearl Purple is a shimmering purple.
I realize that eyeliner gel is not so popular at the UK, I only manage to found one brand that have Eyeliner gel, that's the Sleek Eyeliner Ink Pot.

That's all! And is time for dinner. Cheers!

Saturday, September 4, 2010

Week 2 @ UK

It was my second week at Sheffield, UK. Daily routine was eat, sleep and more shopping! Been busy shopping around Dorothy Perkins, Primark, Boots, Superdrug store and etc..this post was mainly about what I had bargain for my haul since my Europe tour haven't started yet.

My Haul From Dorothy Perkins
The denim dress is the best bargain! Is very hard to get clothing that are my size in cheap price, here is like my shopping heaven.

My Haul From Primark
My very first boots, I don't think KL have cheap boots for my size, agree?!

Cute heart top with two pockets at the side, Luv it!

My Haul From Boots & Superdrug Store

I heard a lot of Makeup Guru highly recommended on the Urban Decay Primer Potion, I might give it a try since Malaysia is not selling, I bought two, yeah me!

My Haul From H&M
Saw this adorable cupcake lip gloss at the counter, I grab some for my baby sis as souvenir, isn't it cute?! *Chio*

Normally I don't dress up my hair with accessories, but i try it on and my boyfriend said i look pretty with it, so "ka-ching" there goes my 4pounds.lolx I do love the leopard pattern hairband.

My Haul From Cheshire Oaks
I visited Liverpool last week and my boyfriend bring me to Cheshire Oaks which is an Designer Outlet selling out of season stuff that discount up to 60%, over 140 designer brands available at there. I bought my very first MAC Blusher it cost around RM60 at there it is cheaper than MAC counter. Although choices are limited but you still could get great bargain at there.

My sweetheart bought this as our anniversary gift for me. xoxoxox

That's all my haul so far during the stays at Sheffield, I guess there will be more?! (evil laugh)

Thursday, September 2, 2010

My Summer at UK

It's been weeks i have not updated my blog, my bad for busy spending my days at UK. I reached UK on the 22nd August, it was chilly at UK although is in SUMMER! Arrived Manchester Airport at 7am, knowing that my sweetheart is awaiting me at the arrival gate, i felt excited and happy that is been three months i have not seen my sweetheart, I had waited for three months to step in to UK. Boarded 14 hours of flight and with the transit it really make me exhausted, did not sleep well on the flight.

Saying goodbye to Malaysia and my families. I'm on board with Qatar Airways, pillow and blanket that kept me comfy and complimentary toiletry.

I had chosen Grill fish set as my dinner/supper meal, it taste good but i dislike the noodle grass salad.

Finally reach my destination and meet up with my sweetheart.xoxox

First visit to Manchester Piccadilly by train. Their train is very convenient to access any places.

Cute Cabby on the street! And their passenger seats is huge it could fit in 5 person at the backseat.

Statue everywhere on the street. Snap One.

Snap Two.

Snap Three!

Passing by Piccadilly Gardens.

Eyes of Manchester Piccadilly.

Window shopping at Macheter Arndale shopping mall. Huge shopping mall larger than Midvalley Megamall(of coz), various brand store in the mall. Because of the jet-lagged i have no mood to do any shoppping.
Manchester Piccadilly Cathedral

Nelson & his friend organize an welcome steamboat party for me.

Small Haul at the Boots drugstore. 

Heading out to club and party at Sheffield!

I will continue more about my Summer at Uk on the next post, is getting late now need to snooze off now. ZZzz.