Tuesday, August 10, 2010

My Baby Chloe turn 1

Baby Chloe is 1 year old! I had threw her a small private party to celebrate her very first birthday, baby Chloe is all grown up but she will always be my baby Chloe. As mama i'm wishing her grown up well and healthy and always be happy! Muack~

Party pack for the furkids.

Special ordered a Homemade Birthday Cake for her, Strawberry Yogurt cake it smell really nice although it have no taste at all!

Chloe is giving Lynee a big juicy kiss for thanking her the lovely pressie!

Close up on the cake!

Guest of the party Jenny & Tom Tom

Jerry Zai!

Thanks Jenny for the lovely pink polka dot dress!xoxoxo

Guest of the party Master Bun Bun!

Thanks for everyone that attended Chloe's birthday celebration, you all had giving her a memorable birthday. And thanks alot for the pressie! Chloe love all the pressie =)

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