Monday, March 29, 2010

Free Samples from Laneige

Me & my Girl pal went to do some shopping at One Utama Shopping mall,
checking for any new cosmetic & Beauty Product, we stop by at Laneige Counter to check out their products, the on duty SA is very very friendly and helpful, she gave me & my gal pal few samples of their cosmetic & skin care products, i love receiving free samples so i could try the product and make sure it is suitable for my skin before i purchasing their actual products.

Here are the samples~>


  1. cool i like the sample packaging.. :D

  2. this is my 1st time trying their product^^ honestly after i tried it out i fell in love with it, i'm gonna try out their actual product during April =)

  3. Hi dear , thanks for following my blog^^ I've followed back ur blog too ^^
    oh I've never offered by their SA to get any free samples . Must try to get some next time ^^

  4. hey Anna thanks for followed my blog too^^
    i guess just my luck that the on duty SA is very friendly, she's a part time..well the second time i visit is diff SA, diff attitude so didnt get any more samples...

  5. u know T_T after ur good comments about Jusco Laneige, i went there to ask for some samples for my skin but the SA say all out of stock.