Wednesday, March 31, 2010

The Last Day of March

Time passed so fast, is end of March without realizing it,
seating in front of my laptop thinking what i had accomplish during this month,
there are ups & downs during the month, first is my dear friend give birth to a baby girl, adorable & lovely baby girl got her mother's looks, i'm very happy for her & her family.

Second is my elder sis announce she's getting married, that would be a big big happy news for our family, the wedding bell will be ringing on April--that's next month & i haven't done shopping for the bridesmaid's dress & wedding gift.

Lately i'm constantly reading interesting blogger's site, read about their fascinating life & joys, that's really inspire me to blog more on my page, actually blogging is good so we could read back what we have done back in those days, months & years.

And today i'm the witness of my sister & brother in laws during the ROM( Register of Marriage),
and i'm honor to be their witness, i feel happy for them and wish them Happy Newly Wed~! May their marriage fill with Joys & Happiness. * My Signature look a bit ugly in the ROM certificate should practice my signature before signing it =.='

And i had my very FIRST Follower for my blog is Ms Miu-blogger of Plus Size Kitten, i ended my March very Well indeed.

Well here i had completed blogging my memoir in March. Hope April will be a thrilling Month for me, Toodles~

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