Saturday, May 15, 2010

Friday Special: Tribute to Softness Fashion Show by JBC, Carven Ong & PU3

I had  attended the JBC(JOHNSON’S® Body Care)- Tribute to Softness Fashion Show at KLCC. I had the VIP passes so i get to excess the VIP section, they serve refreshment & drinks; all the VIP will bring home a goodie bag.The roadshow respond seem going very well. Here are some photo shoot during the show. All the design is in soft theme created by Carven Ong & PU3.
The stage design-crowded with peoples

Meet Kelly at the Fashion Show

Meet Cia Wei too! 

Some Snap shot during the show

All the beautiful celebrities on stage when the fashion show end.

The Door Gift( very generous of JBC giving full size)

The roadshow is still on until 16th May 2010, they are giving away free samples & many more promotion at the roadshow do check out their roadshow at KLCC Concourse.

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  1. Hi Pinky,

    We hope you had a good time during our Fashion Show last Friday :)

    We love your photos!! Would it be ok for us to share your blog on our Facebook Page?

    Johnson's Body Care

  2. pinky i better hurry update my sunshine (blog) if not jadi sunset liao. wakaka! glad i met met u tht day. catch up again ya

  3. Hi Johnsons, you could share my blog in ur facebook anytime=) the fashion was great and i love the door gift, hope in the future there will be more event. have a nice day.

  4. hey kelly, yah yah you should update ur blog, later more event coming soon then u need to post up all at will be exhausted! glad to meet you at the event, keep in touch. =)