Thursday, May 13, 2010

My Haul From Kose Warehouse Sale

This morning went to KOSE warehouse sales with Susan, the warehouse sales in the morning is not too crowded and we get to view all the selling product. I had purchase a Fasio Full Glossy Lips in baby peach, a Fasio Hyper-Stay Mascara Digi-in purple color & a Fasio point makeup remover( all price tag in photo). 

Here are the price list that i could remember:
Fasio lipstick-1 for RM10 ; 2 for RM15
Fasio tube size lipgloss- 1 for RM5 
Fasio Full Glossy Lips-1 for RM15. 
For eyeshadow all are below RM20.
Beaute' de kose Eye Fantasisy 1 for RM30 ; 2 for RM80

All the product except Fasio are 30-35% off, still got a closet full of kose product so i didnt grab any of it.I suggest for those running out of KOSE skincare product range should visit the warehouse sale.

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