Friday, June 25, 2010


Pet World Malaysia 2010 start today and until this Sunday at Midvalley exhibition hall, entrance fee is RM5 for Adult & RM2 for children. Dogs are allow to bring in the exhibition hall, must on leash if you wish to let them walk on the floor.All the exhibition hall are fill with numerous booth of international pet food brand, pet charity booth, and grooming competition is attracting crowds. Didn't manage to shoot some photo at the exhibition because was busy taking care of chloe-my poodle, making little accident at the place.Oh well forget about that part.
Here are the freebies that i get from the Pet exhibition.
Samples from Addiction Booth

Goodies bag from Artemis Booth

Eukanuba Samples (Big box!) & Pronature sample. The tiny pray is Hand sanitizer.

Was no intend to buy things at the exhibition but the collar just cost RM3 each, end up buying 2 collars!

Chloe had fun walking around the exhibition, poo and pee here and goodness.
If you wish to adopt a dog or cat, do visit the exhibition and give a home for homeless puppies and kittens, they need your love and care. 

Signing off now, i'm exhausted!

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