Monday, July 26, 2010

Hada Labo Perfect X Simple Tea Party

My Hada Labo had organize a special Tea Party " Perfect X Simple" for their beloved fans, 35 fans dress up in Simple White outfit attended this lovely event. The party held at Fukuya, an authentic Japanese Cuisine Restaurant located at KL. Here comes de photo session!

Greeting Notes from Hada Labo

Creative Signature for Hada Labo + Free Heart shaped Hada Labo display

Products Display on the counter.

The Whitening Care Range

The Moisturizing Care Range

Presenter is showing demo how Hada Labo products works on our skin.

Exclusive news for Up-coming Limited Edition of AHA-BHA Foam Wash on September, remember to go grab it during September launch.

The AHA+BHA Cleansing Foam

Japanese Cuisine serve on table! Great Food that does not disappointed my tummy!

Second Dish- Fresh Sashimi and spring rolls.

Close up with my tasty scallop.

Hada Labo Sticky on the window!

Lovely Wendy  posing with her lucky draw prize. Mad lucky lady!

Group photo with the bloggers gang.

Posing with Red Hatted Wendy!

Blogger -Cia Wei & Jean

Wendy & Kelly

Appreciation Gift from Hada Labo. Thanks for the great goodies!

Thanks Hada Labo for organizing such sweet event! If you wish to know more about Hada Labo product you could Click Here or add their Facebook Page Click Here.

Restaurant: Fukuya


  1. wow nice picturessss .. apa cameraaaaaa.

    niceee post on this workshop :DD

  2. thanks for the link~ muacksss....

  3. Jess- using Sony DSC-T900 cam, thanks for liking my post hehe

    Jean- u're welcome *hugs*

  4. love what u do to the photo's edges. what program u use? :D

  5. i'm using photoscape =) easy for editing photos, is free for download