Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Life Like This

Always wondering how come life will be so short, but full of wonderful things happen around.God always have plans for everyone, sometimes I would want to ask him to pause the time,just hold on more a little longer so i can spend more time with my love ones but reality is cruel sure it does, and things always happen unexpectedly never realize it really do happen when it hit u on the face.

It was always hard for me to accept the truth that our loves one will just leave us and went to heaven, hope it was just a dream and  wake up everything will be alright, always regrat the things i didnt do when they are really gone.But they never blame me, it make me feel more guilty, my loves one always remain inside my heart and sometimes dreams will lead me to my love one and whisper to me tell me to stay strong. 

After losing my love one, I start loving and spending more time with my love one that still with me so i will never wake up regrating again, I will never miss the chance to hold their hand tight and tell them i love them. When the time I go, I want to bring my happy moment with me.

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