Saturday, September 4, 2010

Week 2 @ UK

It was my second week at Sheffield, UK. Daily routine was eat, sleep and more shopping! Been busy shopping around Dorothy Perkins, Primark, Boots, Superdrug store and etc..this post was mainly about what I had bargain for my haul since my Europe tour haven't started yet.

My Haul From Dorothy Perkins
The denim dress is the best bargain! Is very hard to get clothing that are my size in cheap price, here is like my shopping heaven.

My Haul From Primark
My very first boots, I don't think KL have cheap boots for my size, agree?!

Cute heart top with two pockets at the side, Luv it!

My Haul From Boots & Superdrug Store

I heard a lot of Makeup Guru highly recommended on the Urban Decay Primer Potion, I might give it a try since Malaysia is not selling, I bought two, yeah me!

My Haul From H&M
Saw this adorable cupcake lip gloss at the counter, I grab some for my baby sis as souvenir, isn't it cute?! *Chio*

Normally I don't dress up my hair with accessories, but i try it on and my boyfriend said i look pretty with it, so "ka-ching" there goes my 4pounds.lolx I do love the leopard pattern hairband.

My Haul From Cheshire Oaks
I visited Liverpool last week and my boyfriend bring me to Cheshire Oaks which is an Designer Outlet selling out of season stuff that discount up to 60%, over 140 designer brands available at there. I bought my very first MAC Blusher it cost around RM60 at there it is cheaper than MAC counter. Although choices are limited but you still could get great bargain at there.

My sweetheart bought this as our anniversary gift for me. xoxoxox

That's all my haul so far during the stays at Sheffield, I guess there will be more?! (evil laugh)


  1. pinky pinky ~~~ hehe .. XD i just know that ,u have blog ~~ haha ..

  2. lolx..still very new abt blog stuff hahah..thanks for noticing anyway

  3. nice haul pinky T_T envious!