Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Review: RIMMEL London Vinyl Voluptuously Shiny Lipgloss

My review of the day- RIMMEL London Vinyl Voluptuously Shiny Lipgloss  in shade #190 (Pin Up).

The Claim

40 % curvier pout, visibly sculpts and shapes up lips. 80 % shinier lips with Aloe Vera & vanilla fragrance It's comfortable,

Even, Absolutely Non-sticky! Indulge in Fabulously Full and Voluptuously Flattering Shine! 

I was surprise that with such a affordable  price, this lipgloss  do give great results. Compare with other brands that I tried before, it does not dry out or having any sticky feeling on my lips. When I first saw the color from the outlook, I kept worry that the color might be a little too striking for me, it was in deep cherry color, but once I apply on my lips it turn out quite wearable. 

The scent of the lipgloss is actually as same as my previous review on Rimmel London Lasting Finish, having that sweet cherry bubble gum scent but it is tasteless.The lipgloss has the shinny effect, it made my lips looks juicy and kissable.

The lipgloss color is so vibrant, I don't have to apply lipstick at all by just apply the lipgloss on and I'm ready to go out. It is worth my money to purchase it, and I'm tempting to try out other shades! I just have to give a thumbs up with this lipgloss.

What do you think? Do I look good in the #190 (Pin Up) shade?

Price: RM 12.90
Rate: 4/5

P/S: All above are my personal opinion base on my experience and this is not an advertorial.


  1. oOo. came out pretty nice on you! I thought it would have came out a lot brighter. but it's quite cute! :D and i love your nail color! :)

  2. the lipgloss color might look striking but it look soft on lips. thanks, it is the Sally Hansen Insta Dri in Pronto Purple that i blogged in the previous post. =)

  3. Hiiiiii! I love that color ay! Nice post! ;) Btw, I am doing my fantabulous giveaway cost over 5000yen! So plz check it out and join! ;) ThanX!

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