Thursday, February 17, 2011

Autumn in LONDON {Pt.1}

My Summer/Autumn vacation in the UK state 2010, it was crazy, excited, awesome and memorable.
It really took me a long time to write about my trip because I have no time & space to instant update my journey into my blog since I kept going on the road trip. I had been to a lot of places in the UK, each places had lock in to my mind.

I might start from London, since it was the capital of England & the UK. We stayed at the YHA London central for 2 nights, it was the most expensive hostel we ever stayed during my visit to UK. Since the family suite is all fully booked, me and my boyfriend had to stay separate dorm because they had divided male and female dorm. It was my first time staying with strangers, there are 6 girls (included myself) staying in one dorm room equipped with bunk bed, the toilet and bathroom are public share outside our room. There are lockers in our room but we have to prepare our own locks or purchase it at the reception counter. I was not really getting use to sleeping with strangers in the same room, but most of the time the other girls are out partying and I'm already sleeping in my bed. Sharing room with others I have to be extremely quiet when getting down from my bed(I slept at the upper bed), I have to open the locker quietly to get my stuff and prepare going out. Most of them are still asleep when I woke up, i guess they really party hard every night. The first night was tough for me, but second night I had get use to it. The hostel have Self-Catering Kitchen, if you want to save money on meal do cook your own meals. Supermarket was near by the hostel, it was convenient for us to shop for grocery. The hostel have laundry room, if you want to wash your clothing do exchange token at the reception for the washing machine and dryer. 

First Day, We visited the Madam Tussauds Museum.
Madame Tussaud's Museum

*Sexy Back*

*The One & only photo we taken together, and is blurry.*

*Hasta la vista, baby*

 * The horror!*

I am forced to enter the Chamber of Horrors and Scream, the Scream experience was a nightmare to me. Serial killer let loose inside the Chamber, all the serial killer hunting me!!! I scream my way out.

Next stop- Tower Bridge

*Traveler Photo Time*

*Me & Tower Bridge*

* Peoples mostly mistaken Tower Bridge was the London Bridge*
{Tower Of London}

*Visiting the Tower of London*

*Special  Tour guide by a Yeoman Warders a.k.a Beefeater.*

* Our Yeomen Warders was hilarious, the way he tell the story about the castle and each of the building it crack us up.*

We are going to have a tour in the Crown Jewels Room, no camera allowed. The Crown Jewels is stored in Waterloo Barracks at the tower. Those diamond are extremely huge and blink! Eyes are going blind with those shining light direct from the diamond.

White Tower stored the display of Royal Armories, massive collection of weapons & torture tools!

*Armor for the young king.*

{City Cruise- See London From the River Thames}

*Views from the glass boat*

* Eyes of London*

That's a rap for day 1 in London, we bought some grocery and head back to our hostel to cook dinner and do our laundry( stinky clothes and socks). Had a great rest and continue for Day 2 tour. Night peeps!


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  2. we can say like that :love birds"

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  3. thanks for the blessing. Wishing you as well =)