Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Sawadeeka Haad Yai

It was CNY of 2011, and was the yearly family holiday trip to Haad Yai!
 Early in the morning queue for passing through Thailand Boarder.

Dim Sum for breakfast. In thailand, their dim sum is not like our ordinary dim sum portion, is in small portion and it's only cost 10baht+(RM1+) per basket. The dim sum is totally different with our M'sia's dim sum, variety topping for the dim sum and their freshly made pork+shrimp meat at the bottom.

For that portion of dim sum, we(11 persons) had ate 61 basket of dim sum. 

Personally I really like their porridge, they add half boiled egg on top of it make the porridge taste delightful. 
Our accommodation is at  B.P Grand Suite Hotel(Songkhla). The hotel is in modern style, the room is clean and the bathroom have bathtub and stand bath also equip with hair dryer(the motor is not powerful so it take a little longer time to dry your hair). LCD TV with variety channels.And the rate is really low RM190per night (exclude breakfast) even for peak season they don't charge over the top price on the room rates. Their receptionist is friendly and helpful too. The hotel is just 5mins walking distance to the city center.

 Near by the hotel, there are massage center and hawker stall.The hawker stall that along the street sell really delicious Braised Pork Leg rice, if you are traveling to Haad Yai you got to try this dish, most of the restaurant sell Braised Pork Leg rice.

To fulfill our sweet tooth we dine in the Swensens cafe. 
We order the famous Earth Quack. My favorite flavor is the Sticky Chewy Chocolate. With 8 scoops of your own choice, it is only cost 289baht!  The Swensen's cafe is located in the Lee Garden shopping complex.

Coconut's ice cream is a must try dessert when you are in Thailand, fill with nuts and sticky rice- 20baht per cup. I Love their coconut's ice cream very much! Another dessert you have to try is their mango or durian sticky rice. The best mango rice is the stall infront of Lee Garden hotel during night market.

Fried bird is one of thai's snack food. It taste something like chicken.

After a long day walk and shopping, I need some foot massage! 250baht for 1hr session.(Average pricing)

If you want to shop for cheap clothings, shoes, bags and foods you can visit the Municipal Hat Yai Market, remember to bargain before buying. The seller will offer high price but you can bargain with your own price. Shirt and pants can go as low as 180baht. All the stall offer different prices so survey around before purchasing!

Duk-Duk is the most convenient transport traveling within Haad Yai, you can bargain the fare if there are more peoples taking the ride together. Normally they charge 20baht per way.

The city center have few shopping complex around- 
  • Odeon shopping center, where you can purchase low price personal use item on the top floor supermarket.
  • Central shopping center, is consider a higher class shopping. With international brands beauty counter on the ground floor, upper floors are selling female and male apparel. If you are a hello kitty fan you can purchase hello kitty merchandise at their top floor. 
  • Lee garden shopping complex similar with Sungei Wang.
 Snacks that I bought at the Municipal Hat Yai Market, dry longan (170baht), dry mango, seaweed snack (180baht for 6packs)

At the last day of our trip, we dine at the local famous restaurant Kan Eng, the food is good and the price is afforable. Ask any Duk-Duk driver they will know the location.

*Kerabu Chicken Feet*

Very spicy dishes that I have no idea what name is it.

I try to snap a quick photo of this dish but i'm not fast enough that someone had eat it. It is simply delicious is fry crab meat.

That's all about my holiday at Haad Yai, Thailand.

Wishing everyone Happy Bunny Year! May all of you have a prosperous year!

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