Monday, March 14, 2011

Baby Chloe Cruisin at the Beach

Wonder who's baby Chloe?! Well she's my baby poodle, a one and a half year old, cuddly,crazy, overactive poodle!

It was baby Chloe first visit to the beach side, the beach is located at Cherating. The beach is so beautiful and I have to share it with my baby Chloe, as you all know most of the places are pet not allowed, but pet do deserve to have a little fun at the outside world! As long our pet does not cause any problem I mean there is no harm bringing them to vacation anyway.

Next to baby Chloe was girl girl(Shih Tzu) her companion and playmate. The wind is really strong and it was a sunny day, me and my boyfriend bring them stroll along the beach.

Baby Chloe was feeling excited and happy, you can look at her expression! She is kind of scare of the sea water wash up on the shore, she run real quick when the sea water approaching her, it was really funny watching her run away from the sea water.

Beach babe on the loose!

Let me camwhore with this beach babe! 

It was a great day bringing them out to see the beach, let them see how beautiful is the world. We should cherish simple happy moment with out love ones and live life the fullness.

Me & baby Chloe would like to send out our prayers to the Japan's tsunami disaster victim, hope they will stay strong and praying good news from them.


  1. Chloe is soOooo adorable! Makes me one want too! :D

  2. Adopt one if you really willing give loves! =) always welcome new poodle owner!

  3. Love your doggies.. They are so cute ^^

  4. aaaaaaaaa so cute! Wah your dogs so 'guai', can sit still. My shih tzu would go crazy and run off =_=

  5. Janice: Thanks!=)

    Isabel: I have to take 10 shoots to get a perfect pic, normally they will busy sniffing around =.=' i guess is their