Sunday, March 6, 2011

Kanebo Warehouse Sales- My HAUL

This is the second time I visited Kanebo Warehouse Sales since last year, I went on the last day of the sales and most of the value items had been sold out*Sob*. The most value buy item is the Coffret D'or Pallete and the last palette had grabbed by my friend. Here are my Kate Haul:-

  • Kate Mascara Base-RM 33
  • Kate Volume Mascara-RM 38
  • Kate Eyeliner-RM 28
  • Kate Rouge EX-RM 35
  • Kate Diamond Cut Eyes-RM 32
Kate Diamond Cut Eyes(PU-1)

My little advice for purchasing items at warehouse sales, always remember to check the manufacture date, don't grab those had manufactured over 3 years it is not worth risking your face.

Have a Lovely day!


    1. hows the sale, any lunasol n coffret???

      xoxo elle

    2. it was the last day sales while i visit, i only saw coffret,kate and kanebo..all the coffret pallete sold out during the sales..not fast enough to grab one for myself. will wait for next sales =)