Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Enjoying London In the Eye of London

If you want to have a great view of London, you got to take a ride on the London Eye.
We choose to catch a ride in the evening, so we could have a lovely night view of London City.

# Ticket for the London Eye# You could explore London Eye in 4D at the ticketing office where you purchase the London Eye ticket. 

The rides is design in capsules and full glass view, you will get a clear view of London city in each and every angle. 

Best view of the house- Big Ben!

What a Bummer! It started to drizzle and the fogs blocking the views. This is the River Thames in London, you could take a river cruise to see London as well. But I prefer London Eye because you get to see further view on top of the city.
Full view of Big Ben! If you want to snap the full view photo of Big Ben you have to get on the London Eye. Fascinating view isn't?! Love it~ During evening Big Ben will be lighten on.

We are on the top-est part!

This two photo was help taken by a lovely British couple. And I heard the lady said:" Aww..so sweet." *Blushing*
The rides had come to an end. The night view was great! Indeed we make a right choice picking the right hour.

Sorry about the bad lighting of this photo.(@.@) The wind get really strong during night (causing messy hair!) but it was the one and only good shoot.It started to drizzle more and getting really cold so we rushing to take the photo and ran to the underground station.
If you are visiting London, you should take a ride on the London Eye and you will not regret it. We have a great time traveling in London, is my very first visit to London and hope it won't be the last.


  1. lovely magical photos with your boyfriend!
    It must be an amazing vacation at London!!
    super romantic date indeed from eye of london

    thanks for commenting at my blog!
    i have been MIA so happy i was greeted by my blogger gals xoxo

    stay tuned for more taiwan goodies

  2. Your blog post always make me drooling with those honey haul!

    Indeed was a memorable time in London with my boyfriend. Thanks for commenting at back post too.

    Awaiting for your taiwan goodies!